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A lot of foods that we eat every day that aren’t desert are actually full of added sweetener. This is how we consume a lot of sugar and harm our body. Even though we know that limiting the sugar intake is important, we almost always consume sugar more than we may think. According to an article from Prevention, all Americans eat about 22 teaspoons of sugar every day.

Too much sugar can have severe impacts on our health. You can read below 5 signs that your body has too much sugar intake. These signs may open your eyes to stop consuming that much sugar and be careful not to harm your body.

  1. Constant food cravings

It is really simple, the more sugar you consume the more sugar your body will crave. This process is like a vicious cycle because your body builds up a tolerance and it thinks that it need more sugar in order to function. You may look at this like the same thing when an addict experiences once they start abusing drugs.

  1. Poor metabolisms

Problems that are known as metabolic syndrome can be cause by too much sugar in the body. These problems go with symptoms like weight gain, high blood pressure, elevated sugar, obesity and many more.

  1. Skin issues

Too much sugar will make your skin more likely to break out. Between the levels of sugar in a person’s body and the severity of acne breakouts can be found a big correlation.

  1. Frequent cavities

We all know that too much sugar can influence our oral health. Almost every time the consumption of too much sugar can erode our tooth enamel and even lead to cavities.

  1. Low energy

Sugar tricks us by giving our body momentary boost in energy.But what is true is that sugar almost always leads to low energy levels and headaches.


How to decrease sugar

Now that you know the bad signs and what happens to our body with too much sugar, there is a way to reduce the amount of sugar. Follow these tips and your body will be grateful.

  1. Drink water

You only beverage choice should be water. Water is the only drink that will give you health benefits, while sugary drinks will just tap into your daily sugar intake. Sometimes sugar craving can be a symptom of dehydration. So because of this if you feel cravings for something sweet just drink a glass of water.

  1. Eat whole foods

About 90% of your diet should be made of whole foods. This means that the other 10% can sometimes include processed foods that usually have more sugar.

  1. Keep sugar consumption low

It is vital to keep the sugar consumption to at or below 25 grams daily. You need to be careful because fruits have also natural sugars in them.

  1. Relieve sugar cravings

If you are used for regular consumption of sugar, then it is more likely to have sugar cravings more often. But there is way to curb these cravings with yoga, meditation or another form of stress management. While too much sugar in our body can cause many problems, a little change in lifestyle and your diet can cause really good difference.